Wed, April 23rd, 2014

Kuder Career and College Planning

In order to assist students in their college and long term career planning, the state of Tennessee has provided all school systems across the state access to the Kuder Career Planning system through the corporate sponsorship of EdAmerica.  Students, please make the most use of the following site to guide you on your journey of career and college planning.  There is NO COST to use this site or any of the tools within the site.  This is a FREE service sponsored by EdAmerica.

Click on to begin the process of discovering your career interests, skill areas, and values toward work.  This site is full of useful tools for students and parents.

  Step 1: Go to
  Step 2: Click on New Users.
  Step 3: Create a unique user name and password. Be sure to write down your user name and password in the space provided for future reference.
  User Name:
  School Access Code: 4310 (Camden Junior High) 3470 (BCCTC) or 4334 (CHS)

  School Zip Code:

  Step 4: Click Register.
  Step 5: If you did not move forward to the Kuder Career Portfolio, omitted items will appear at the bottom of the page.



Kuder Career Planning for BCCTC is currently under construction. Please come back later.